Bright Stars International Primary School

Academic Knowledge

Day to Day Knowledge gain for children

Social Responsibility

To Communicate, learn and well manner


Learn to respect themselves so that they can respect other.

Personal Growth

Playing and learning day to day help children's mind and body growth.

Admission Policy

BSIP Preschool accept any children from any races, color and religion as long as they meet following requirements.

  • Kid should be at least 3 years old and able to speak.
  • Kid should be mentally and phsically normal.
  • Kid should have good health condition.

Admission Requirements

  • Birth Certificate.
  • Filled Parent Agreement Form.
  • Admission Form
  • Six Photo of Kid with Passport size and one family photo (we won't give kids to parents who are not in that family photo).

Admission Procedure

As a parent after deciding to choose BSIP Preschool for your children’s education –

  • Complete Parent Agreement Form and Admission Form and send them to school or leave them at school. (Note: we will only accept when two of them are complete.)
  • Please come to school to meet with teacher or contact on telephone.
  • To meet with teacher, parents should come to school with their children for discussion. (Parents should come with their children because there can be misunderstanding if parents don’t come with their children.
  • After getting permission from teacher, parent can complete Registration Form and enroll their children to BSIP. (Note: Your children are allowed to enroll to BSIP base on the teacher decision).