About B.S.I.P

Welcome to The Bright Stars International Primary School of Myanmar.

We prepare our students to become good citizens who act with integrity and champion equity to enrich our communities and the world.

Our focus is on students having the opportunity to engage and thrive in academics, fine arts, sports, music and computing. We are nurturing our children to get 21st century sills such as critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. Every child is special so we are educating them to develop multiple intelligences according to their developmental stages.

The BSIP vision is to produce happy, healthy and wealthy citizens. To support our vision, BSIP mission fosters to get Academic Knowledge, Social Responsibility, Respect and Personal Growth in life. The BSIP mission statement focuses on “Empowerment Through Education”.

At Bright Stars, we hope to ensure that each child will find some aspect of school life from which he or she will derive a sense of achievement so that when the time come to move onto the next stage of education, our children will not only have discovered and developed their talents but will take with them into the future the great gifts of confidence and self-esteem.

Our BSIP motto is “Build Today, Live Better, We are Bright Stars.”

Contact Us

  No 171 , Bandula St, Yonegyi Qt, near B.E.H.S ( 8 ) , Bago

  095393206   (&)   09 799 599600