Rules & Regulations

Admission Policy

BSIP Preschool accept any children from any races, color and religion as long as they meet following requirements.

  • Kid should be at least 3 years old and able to speak.
  • Kid should be mentally and phsically normal.
  • Kid should have good health condition.

Admission Requirements
  • Birth Certificate.
  • Filled Parent Agreement Form.
  • Admission Form
  • Six Photo of Kid with Passport size and one family photo (we won't give kids to parents who are not in that family photo).

Admission Procedure

As a parent after deciding to choose BSIP Preschool for your children’s education –

  • Complete Parent Agreement Form and Admission Form and send them to school or leave them at school. (Note: we will only accept when two of them are complete.)
  • Please come to school to meet with teacher or contact on telephone.
  • To meet with teacher, parents should come to school with their children for discussion. (Parents should come with their children because there can be misunderstanding if parents don’t come with their children.
  • After getting permission from teacher, parent can complete Registration Form and enroll their children to BSIP. (Note: Your children are allowed to enroll to BSIP base on the teacher decision).

Arrival Policy

We would like to ask parents to send BSIP students to school between 8:30 am and 9:00 am. We prepare teachers to welcome students to school on that time. Do not leaver your kid in front of the school building alone if you arrive earlier than 8:30 am or later than 9:00 am instead leaver your kid at the hand of BSIP teachers or staff. Please send your kid on time in order to avoid habit of getting late.

Attendance Policy

We record daily attendance of BSIP student and parent should send student to the school regularly. BSIP student can only be absent when they are sick or got import matter.

Leave Policy

If kid need to be absent due sickness or got import matters please contact to BSIP school by person or phone ( phone number: 09 799599600, 09 5393206) to take a leave for day. If you want to leave your kid as BSIP student please also contact to BSIP school. If don’t reaccept students who leave BSIP school for 15 days without contacting us.

Uniform Policy

Student should only wear BSIP school uniform at BSIP School. Student should brought PE uniform to school if there is PE class. BSIP learn activities include playing outside, drawing pictures, coloring arts and other outdoor activities so it is better for student to bring extra cloth to wear after bath or cleaning. It is better to bring warm cloth if the weather is cold.

Weather Policy

We will close school on unguessable weather conditions for the safety of the BSIP Students. We will keep BSIP students safety when bad weather conditions occur and if possible we will contact to parents quickly. If parents will not be able to pick up students in those conditions we will make sure student get to home safely within 24 hours.

Jewellery Policy

BSIP students are not allow to wear jewelleries made of gold, silver and ruby in school. We will not take responsibilities when jewelleries are lost at school.


Children must bring their lunch in the lunchbox. Parents must put the name of their child on his/her lunchbox which must be clear and visible to everyone.

Please give two handkerchief. One for putting on the children (in case of spills)and another for cleaning the mouth.

No bones must be included in chicken or fish curries. Meat blocks should be as small as possible. A vegetarian meal is recommended.

Children must bring their own water bottles.

We would recommend that children should bring their own lunch, refreshments, water-bottle, tissue, spoon and handkerchief, etc.. in a basket. So that children will have less problem carrying their lunch. Parents must clearly write their child’s name on his/her basket.

Note: We shall not allow the refreshments that doesn’t include FDA approval. We suggest that parents use MSG as low as possible so that the children will have a healthy life.

Dismissal Policy

BSIP is responsible for your children during the school hours(8:30 am – 3:00pm).Arriving late could hurt children mentally. We would like to receive a phone call if the parents will be late to pick their children so that our teachers can distract the particular child so that the child doesn’t feel unwanted or left out.

Birthday Policy

Incase if you want your children’s birthday in BSIP the following should be considered:

  • Please discussed your visions for the party with us.
  • Please inform us in a week’s time.
  • Parents should choose foods that are nutritional and easy to eat for the children.
  • We will take your children’s picture and will gift it back to you.
  • We will try to make the children’s birthday memorable for them.

Indoors/Outdoors Activites

According to our BSIP calendar, we have Indoor/Outdoor activities to increase the curiosity of the children. Parents will have take care of expenses for their child. Children whose expenses have not been taken care of by their parents or the expenses which were given after the expiration date or children have illness cannot join the particular trip. Children those who cause risks to the whole squad or doesn’t listen to their teachers or doesn’t have a good grade by the discipline teachers will be banned from trips. Parents will have to take care of packing their children clothes and pocket-money.

School Fees

Parents must give school fees, registration fees, uniform fees and books and paper fees. The last day for giving for giving school fees is on 7th of every month. If the fees is not given by the 7th of that particular month fine fees of 1000 kyats will be collected per day.

Note: Given fees will cannot be refunded for any reasons.

Children Behavior and Discipline

We will inform the parents if there is being a bully in the school, after that we would like the parents to cooperate with us to make their child polite and caring. Children who cause injury to others will be prohibited from school.

First Step

Children will be worried, frightened and can cry since its their first time being away from their parents. We would like to suggest parents that they explain what is happening in the way their children would understand before sending their children to BSIP. The staffs at the BSIP will also help the parents whose kids are starting to adapt to these following changes.


In the BSIP, its our first priority to ensure that the children are comfortable, safe and happy. During the indoor/outdoor activities there are some accidents that cannot be avoided due to the curiosity of the children. In case if those kind of accidents happen we will contact the parents as quickly as possible. Injured kids will be taken care of by BSIP until their parents come.

About Our Teachers

We try our best to improve our teachers’ teaching methods by appointing meetings with teachers those have international experience in teaching strategies, teaching methods and lesson plans. We only hire teachers that

  • are good with children
  • finish Early Children Care And Development trainings
  • can sympathize ,caring and have a loving nature for kids
  • understands child psychology and an expert at teaching techniques.

Our Teaching Strategies

We try to eliminate the fear in children and teach them to be loving, caring, polite, and have self-confidence in themselves. We don’t use abusive actions against children at any cost.

Parents-Teachers Communications

Parents should tell everything about their children to the teachers and they can ask anything about their children to the teachers. Parents should discuss with the teachers if their child have difficulty in studying.

Note: We would humbly like to suggest parents to take appointment with us if they want to discuss about their children so that they wouldn’t collide with other parents during the discussion.

Complain Procedure

Parents can make suggestions to the principal if they have problem with our teaching strategies, general work and their children’s improvement. Any suggestion that is given will be look into and taken care of in 2 – 5 days. We will try to make our best in the given suggestion.

Open House

There are two semester in BSIP schoolyear. At the end of each semester there will be an open-house .At that day, school will be closed for the students and the teachers at BSIP will contact to parents to discuss about their children’s test results so it is important that the parents come to the Open-House. Our teachers will tell the openly discuss about the child’s progress, behavior, attitude and test results to the parents and parents can openly discuss about their child with us.

Diploma Requirements

There were be a graduation ceremony for students who successfully have finish Nursey, Pre-KG and KG. The following must be met for a child to get a BSIP Diploma

  • The child must have at least finish 1 educational year in BSIP (9 months)
  • The children’s absence record must not have more than 30 days.
  • Children’s attendance must at least be 75% to answer the exam.

Note: We humbly like to suggest parents that tuitions are not required for the children. We don’t allow children to take their own toys to school and we humbly would like to ask parents explain their child that they cannot bring their toys to school.